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Text Or Die Answers to all Questions

Text Or Die Answers All Questions. Cheats to all levels. Below you’ll find solutions to the longest answers to all the trivia questions. A complete Text Or Die Puzzle walkthrough guide. Furthermore we help you solve all the difficult questions and quizzes. As a result, think outside the box to solve a level. Also hints, tips and cheats can be found below.

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Text Or Die Answers All Levels

Tips: The longest answer wins. Escape the rising waters.

Text Or Die Answers with longest questions

A Name Beginning With A: Aaden. Aapo. Anastasia. Andrew. Anna. Alessandro. Aaliyah. Aaminah.
A Name Beginning With F: Faaizah. Fiona. Franchesca. Faahima. Faafouina. Fortune. Faith. Fa.
A Name Beginning With S: Scarlette. Sebastien. Saahdia. Sophie. Saadiq. Saadya. Sasha. Saad.

Text Or Die Answers ‘A’

Name A Boys Name Beginning With A: Aaran. Anthony. Ashley. Aron. Aapo. Aaden. Alessandro. Aarav.
Name A Boys Name Beginning With L: Leviticus. Leonidas. Lach. La’Shaun. Lucas. Lachlan. Laban. Lee.
Name A Boys Name Beginning With N: Neo. Na. Naaman. Nabeel. Noah. Naataanii. Nigel. Nathaniel.
Name A Brand Of Toothpaste: Aim. Ultra Brite. Doramad Radioactive Toothpaste. Colgate. Crest. Aquafresh. Oral B.
Name A Brand Of Tv: Acer. Panasonic. Delmonico International Corporation. Acer. Philips. Beko. Admiral.
Name A Breakfast Cereal: Crunch Berries. Capncrunch. Life. Apple Jacks. Corn Flakes. Cheerios. Corn Flakes. Honey Bunches Of Oats.
Name A Breakfast Drink: Tea. Strawberry Smoothie. Coffee. Cappuccino. Bloody Mary. Beer. Applejuice. Milk.
Name A Candy Company: Dulcesdelarosa. Tootsie. Bounty. Hershey. Mars. Crunchie. Aero. Aniseed Twist.
Name A Capital City In Europe: Andorra La Vella. Amsterdam. Andorra La Vella. Athens. Rome. Copenhagen. Belgrade. London.
Name A Car Manufacturer: Donkervoort. Abarth. Ford. Ferrari. Mercedesbenz. Ac. Aixam. Acura.
Name A Character From Harry Potter: Wilhelmina Grubbly- Plank. Hagrid. Aberforth Dumbledore. Ron. Hermione. Alastor Moody. Harry.
Name A Character From Lord Of The Rings: Adalbert Bolger. Adaldrida Bolger. Melkor. Ecthelion Of The Fountain. Sam. Gandalf. Frodo.
Name A Character From Mario: Boo. Birdo. Luigi. Boo. Baby Luma. Mario. Princess Peach. Baby Lumas.
Name A Character From Super Mario: Luigi. Mario. Mario. Princess Peach. Boo. Luigi. Princess Peach.
Name A Character In Friends: Ursula. Rachel Green. Rachel. Joey. Chandler. Monica. Monica Geller. Rachel.
Name A City In Germany: Cologne. Hamburg. Berlin. Mönchengladbach. Munich. Ludwigshafen Am Rhein. Berlin. Munich.
Name A City In Italy: Naples. Castellammare Di Stabia. Milan. City. Rome. Rome. Milan. Parma.
Name A Classical Composer: Bach. Bach. Ludwig Van Beethoven. Johann Bach. Mozart. Johann Sebastian Bach. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Name A Color: Cherry Blossom Pink. Amaranth. Orange. Alizarin. Amber. Ultramarine. Yellow.
Name A Color In The Rainbow: Green. Turquoise. Indigo. Orange. Yellow. Blue. Red. Red.
Name A Common Flower: Acanthus. Enchanters Nightshade. Acacia. Rose. Rosemary. Lily. Ash-Leaved Trumpet-Flower.
Name A Continent: Europe. Asia. Centralamerica. Africa. Africa. Europe. Eurasia. Antarctica.
Name A Country Beginning With P: Palau. Paraguay. Panama. Papua New Guinea. Pakistan. Pakistan. Poland. Papua New Guinea.
Name A Country Beginning With S: Spain. Saint Vincent And The Grenadines. Sweden. Saint Vincent And The Grenadines. Saint Kitts And Nevis. Suriname. Samoa. Saint Lucia.
Name A Country Beginning With T: Turkey. Taiwan. Thailand. Tajikistan. Thailand. Tanzania. Trinidad And Tobago. Tajikistan.
Name A Country In Africa: Democratic Republic Of The Congo. Benin. Egypt. Nigeria. Algeria. Angola. Botswana. Ivory Coast.
Name A Country In Asia: Azerbaijan. Unitedarabemirates. China. Armenia. Bahrain. Uzbekistan. Japan. Afghanistan.
Name A Country In Europe: Austria. Northmacedonia. France. Belarus. Germany. Sanmarino. Andorra. Albania.
Name A Country That Has Hosted The Olympics: China. United States Of America. Australia. Finland. Austria. Sweden. Japan.
Name A Country With Green In Its Flag: Saint Vincent And The Grenadines. Brazil. Belarus. Bangladesh. Afghanistan. Algeria. Central African Republic. Italy.
Name A Country With Stars On Its Flag: Algeria. North Korea. Usa. United Soviet States Of Russia. America. Aruba. American. America.
Name A Currency: Balboa. Ariary. Lilangeni. Dollar. Euro. Aspar. Bitcoin. Afghani.
Name A Day In The Week: Wednesday. Saturday. Thursday. Tuesday. Tuesday. Monday. Monday. Wednesday.
Name A Dinosaur: Acrocanthosaurus. Achelousaurus. Abelisaurus. Ankylosaurus. Trex. Micropachycephalosaurus. Achillobator. Velociraptor.
Name A Famous Painter: Dali. Jacques David. Grant Wood. Van Gogh. Sandro Botticelli. Wood. Rembrandt Van Rijn. Pollock.
Name A Farmyard Animal: Alpaca. Cow. Bee. Billygoat. Pig. Bison. Guineafowl. Alpaca.
Name A Fast Food Restaurant: Kentucky Fried Chicken. Mcdonalds. Big Boy. Auntie Annes. Arbys. Pizza Hut. Applebees. Kfc.
Name A Flightless Bird: Dodo. Dodo. Galapagos Cormorant. Ostrich. Emu. Kiwi. Cassowary.
Name A French City: Marseille. Lyon. Lyon. Paris. Saint-Michel-Sur-Orge. Sainte-Geneviève-Des-Bois. Boulogne-Billancourt. Paris.
Name A Fruit Or Veg Beginning With A: Apple. Asparagus. Apple. Apricot. Aubergine. Avocado. Asparagus. Apricot.
Name A Fruit Or Veg Beginning With B: Beetroot. Banana. Bamboo. Balsam Pear. Banana. Broadleaf Arrowhead. Broccoli. Bamboo Shoots.
Name A Fruit Or Veg Beginning With P: Peanut. Pepper. Pea. Pineapple. Pea. Pepper. Pear. Pear
Name A Gaming Console: Mastersystem. Gameboy. Colecovision. Nintendo Entertainment System. Playstation. Nes. Odyssey. Odyssey.
Name A Girls Name Beginning With A: Aaroha. Aaliyah. Anna. Abigail. Aasia. Ashley. Alessandra. Aaminah.
Name A Girls Name Beginning With T: Taliyah. Tina. Tabassum. Tabaith. Taylor. Temperance. Tabatha. Tabata.
Name A Greek God: Nike. Hephaestus. Apollo. Achelois. Aether. Aeolus. Achelous. Zeus.
Name A Green Fruit: Grape. Avocado. Gooseberries. Apple. Apple. Kiwi. Avocados. Apples.
Name A House In Hogwarts: Gryffindor. Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw. Slytherin. Hufflepuff. Slytherin. Gryffindor.
Name A Household Pet: Bunnies. Bird. Dog. Bearded Dragon. Hamster. Guineapigs. Cat. Birds.
Name A Human Organ: Lungs. Bladder. Intestines. Brain. Liver. Bladder. Heart. Brain.
Name A James Bond Film: Dr. No. Goldfinger. On Her Majesty’S Secret Service. From Russia With Love. Dr. No. Skyfall. Goldfinger. Thunderball.
Name A Kitchen Appliance: Toaster. Barbecue Grill. Fridge. Washing Machine. Bachelor Griller. Refrigerator. Blender. Air Fryer.
Name A Letter In The Phonetic Alphabet: Bravo. Delta. November. Bravo. Whiskey. Alfa. Alfa.
Name A Major Religion: Islam. Confucianism. Christianity. Buddhism. Confucianism. Christianity. Rastafarianism. Atheism.
Name A Month In The Year: December. March. January. February. May. September. April. January.
Name A Movie Starring Chris Hemsworth: Avengers Age Of Ultron. Star Trek. The Cabin In The Woods. Avengers. Avengers. A Perfect Getaway. Jay And Silent Bob. 12 Strong.
Name A Musical Genre: Progressive Rock. Rock. 4×4. 2-Step. Pop. New Wave. 2 Tone. 2-Tone.
Name A Musical Instrument: Accordion. Guitar. Harpsichord. Bagpipes. Flute. Acoustic Guitar. Piano.
Name A Natural Disaster: Covid19. Cyclone. Tornado. Avalanche. Avalanche. Volcanic Eruption. Acid Rain. Storm.
Name A Nintendo Game: Earthbound. Mario Bros. Zelda. Baseball. Excitebike. The Legend Of Zelda The Ocarina Of Time. Popeye.
Name A Part Of The Body: Toenail. Adrenal Glands. Ankle. Anus. Head. Shoulders. Gluteus Maximus. Abdomen.
Name A Phone Brand: Samsung. Blackberry. Amazon. Acer. Alcatel. Innostream. Apple. Allview.
Name A Pizza Topping: Tomato. Alfredo Sauce. Pineapple. Pepperoni. Anchovy. Artichoke. Roasted Red Pepper. Anchovies.
Name A Place You Can Swim: Sea. Pond. Lake. Pool. Sea. Swimmingpool. Pool. Lagoon.
Name A Planet In Our Solar System: Saturn. Earth. Mercury. Mars. Earth. Venus. Mars.
Name A Play By Shakespeare: As You Like It. Comedy Of Errors. All’S Well That Ends Well. Two Gentlemen Of Verona. Macbeth. Henry V. Love’S Labour’S Lost. Romeo And Juliet.
Name A Pokemon: Squirtle. Venusaur. Bulbasaur. Pikachu. Fletchinder. Mew. Ivysaur.
Name A Popular Edible Meat: Pork. Pork. Kangaroo. Beef. Wild Boar. Bacon. Chicken.
Name A Popular Type Of Curry: Jaflongi. Varutharacha. Bhuna. Bhuna. Tandoori. Balti. Pasanda.
Name A Popular U.S Grocery Store: Aldi. Ahold Delhaize. Acme. Costco. Albertsons. Ahold Delhaize. Shoprite. Walmart.
Name A Position In American Football: Running Back. Tight End. Fullback. Kicker. Quarterback. Quarterback. Right Outside Linebacker.
Name A Precious Gem: Dickinsonite. Emerald. Agate. Diamond. Adamite. Andesine Feldspar. Actinolite. Afghanite.
Name A Room In The House: Ante. En Suite. Bathroom. Art. Anteroom. Bedroom. Guest Bedroom. Antechamber.
Name A School Subject: Religious Education. Animation. Algebra. Afrikaans. Science. Gym. Accounting. Math.
Name A Shoe Brand: Ash. Balenciaga. Airjordan. Adidas. Crocs. Blowfishmalibu. Adidas. Nike.
Name A Social Media Platform: Fetlife. Vk. Tumblr. Tik Tok. Vk. Ravelryskyrock. Wattpad. Instagram.
Name A Song By Justin Beiber: She Don’T Like The Lights. Yummy. Despacito. Love Yourself. All Around The World. 10000 Hours. 2U.
Name A Song By Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal. Ain’T No Sunshine. Don’T Let A Woman (Make A Fool Out Of You). Billie Jean. Ben. Got To Be There. Thriller.
Name A Source Of Protein: Eggs. Meat. Fish. Poultry. Seafood. Veggie Burger. Yogurt. Fish.
Name A Sport Beginning With B: Billiards. Boomerang Throwing. Bowling. Badminton. Boxing. Bagame. Backstroke.
Name A Sport Beginning With F: Football. Frisbee. Fencing. Falconry. Fast 5. Five Pin Bowling. Fastnet. Fell Running.
Name A Sport Beginning With T: Taekwondo. Tennis. Table Tennis. Tai Chi. Triathlon. Trampoline. Tennis. Ten Pin Bowling.
Name A Sport Played On Grass: Soccer. Ultimate Frisbee. Croquet. Soccer. Rugby. Baseball. Football.
Name A Sport That Uses A Ball: Football. American Football. Brannboll. Bandy. Calcio Fiorentino. Soccer. Angleball. Baseball.
Name A Sport That Uses A Bat Or Racket: Baseball. Baseball. Racquetball. Softball. Pickleball. Tennis. Badminton.
Name A Sport That Uses A Board: Wakesurfing. Skateboarding. Mountainboarding. Longboarding. Skateboarding. Longboarding. Casterboarding. Freeboard.
Name A Sport With Goalposts: Soccer. Hockey. Gaelic Football. Football. Football. Soccer. Lacrosse.
Name A Superhero: Superman. Atrain. Asterix. Ant-Man. Conan The Barbarian. Batman. Daredevil. Aquaman.
Name A Theme Park Ride: Alpine Slide. Bumper Cars. Bayern Kurve. Ali Baba. Looping Starship. Balloon Race. Ferris Wheel. Helter Skelter.
Name A Top Fashion Brand: American Eagle Outfitters. Aldo. American Eagle. Primark. Nike. Rolex. American Eagle Outfitters. Adidas.
Name A Top Grossing Video Game: Minecraft. The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild. Grand Theft Auto V. Minecraft. Pokemon.
Name A Top Sportswear Brand: Adidas. Adidas. Academy Sports. Lululemon. Nike. American Sports. Columbia Sportswear. Academy.
Name A Type Of Animal Commonly Kept As A Pet: Pig. Cat. Dog. Bearded Dragon. Goat. Mouse. Spider.
Name A Type Of Cake: Amandine. Angel. Cupcake. Frog Cake. Brownie. Amygdalopita. Victoria Sponge Cake.
Name A Type Of Cheese: Cheddar. Abbaye De Citeaux. Brie. Zanetti Parmigiano Reggiano. Abbaye Du Mont Des Cats. Abbaye De Belloc. Halloumi.
Name A Type Of Cloud: Altocumulus. Stratus. Storm. Cirrostratus. Cirrus. Cirrocumulus. Cumulonimbus. Rain.
Name A Type Of Edible Fish: Cod. Black Cod. Bass. Anchovy. Tuna. Parrotfish. Rainbow Trout.
Name A Type Of Ford Vehicle: Fiesta. Mustang. Puma. Focus. Fiesta. Focus. Fairlane Thunderbolt.
Name A Type Of Metal: Aluminium. Stainless Steel. Iron. Zirconium. Steel. Gold. Actinium.
Name A Type Of Precipitation: Hail. Virga. Rain. Drizzle. Rain. Snow Pellets. Snow.
Name A Type Of Transport: Train. Teleportation. Aeroplane. Aircraft. Airplane. Air. Rollerblading. Car.
Name A Type Of Wood: Pine. Pine. Mahogany. Sandalwood. Birch. Bloodwood. Hoop Pine.
Name A U.S President: William Henry Harrison. Washington. Franklin Pierce. Trump. John Adams. George Washington. Thomas Jefferson. Washington.
Name A U.S State: Florida. Alabama. Hawaii. Massachusetts. Nevada. Arizona. Arkansas. Alaska.
Name A U.S State Beginning With A: Alaska. Alaska. Alabama. Alabama. Arizona. Arkansas. Arizona. Arkansas.
Name A U.S State Beginning With M: Massachusetts. Maine. Massachusetts. Michigan. Maryland. Montana. Missouri. Maine.
Name A U.S State Capital: Cheyenne. Madison. Montgomery. Tallahassee. Juneau. Jefferson City. Springfield. Montgomery.
Name A U.S State Containing N: California. Arizona. Arkansas. Connecticut. New York. Nevada. South Carolina. Tennessee.
Name A U.S State Containing S: Wisconsin. Arkansas. South Dakota. Massachusetts. Texas. Alaska. South Carolina. Alaska.
Name A Vegetable: Sweet Potato. Avocado. Carrot. Fennel. Asparagus. Bean. Broccoli. Beetroot.
Name A Wizard: Prospero. Harry Potter. Merlin. Albus. Albus Dumbledore. Alodar. Allanon. Albus Dumbledore.
Name A Yellow Fruit: Yellow Fig. Orange. Yellow Apple. Lemon. Lemon. Banana. Yellow Dragon Fruit. Star Fruit.

Text Or Die ‘An’

Name An Airline: Adria. Swiss International Air Lines. Virgin Atlantic. Wizz Air. Adria Airways. American Airlines. Aegean. Aegean Airlines.
Name An Animal Beginning With A: Adelie Penguin. Abyssinian. American Staffordshire Terrier. Alpaca. Alligator. Aardvark. Affenpinscher. Aardvark.
Name An Animal Beginning With L: Labmaraner. Lionfish. Lizard. Labradoodle. Leatherback Sea Turtle. Labradane. Lion. Labrador.
Name An Animal You Might Find In Australia: Echidna. Angora Goat. Alligator. Tasmanian Devil. Albatross. Spider. Scorpion. Ant.
Name An Animal You Might Find In India: Rhinoceros. Elephant. Snake. Tiger. Tiger. Bengaltiger. Bengaltiger. Elephant.
Name An Element: Air. Water. Flower. Praseodymium. Fire. Surprise. Earth. Earth.
Name An Emergency Service: Police. Ambulance. Mountain Rescue. Fire And Rescue Services. Police. Fire Service. Fire.
Name An Insect With A Sting: Ants. Hornet. Bees. Bee. Wasp. Bee. Eastern Cicada Killer. Ant.
Name An Item Of Clothing: Balaclava. Apron. Flipflops. Bandana. Sunglasses. Baldric. Shirt. Pants.
Name An Mls Soccer Team: Fc Cincinnati. New England Revolution. Atlanta. Dc United. La Galaxy. Atlanta United. Real Salt Lake.
Name An Nba Team: Minnesota Timberwolves. Bucks. Celtics. Bulls. Hornets. Cavaliers. 76Ers. Hawks.
Name An Nfl Team: Patriots. Bengals. Jets. Bills. 49Ers. Washington Football Team. Bears. 49Ers.
Name An Ocean: Southatlantic. Arctic. Mediterranean. Atlantic. Indian. Pacific. Atlantic. Northatlantic.
Name An Olympic Sport: Acrobatic Gymnastics. Luge. Alpine Skiing. Short Track Speed Skating. Swimming. Artistic Gymnastics. Archery. Basketball.

Text Or Die Answers ‘One’

Name One Of The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath. Lust. Pride. Pride. Envy. Gluttony. Lust. Greed.
Name One Of The Wonders Of The World: Stonehenge. Pyramids. Colossus. Pyramids. Pyramid. Hanging Gardens. Hanging Gardens Of Babylon. Colosseum.
Name One Thing You Would Find In A Pencil Case: Biro. Compass. Calculator. Pencil Sharpener. Pencil. Ruler. Shavings. Colored Pencil.

Text Or Die Answers ‘Something’

Name Something France Is Famous For: Champagne. Eiffel Tower. Cannesfilmfestival. Revolution. The Eiffel Tower. Wine. Louvre. Revolutions.
Name Something In The Bathroom: Bath Mat. Rubber Duck. Bath. Shower. Bathrub. Bath. Shower Curtain. Bathtub.
Name Something You Can Climb: Chains. Chain. Pyramid. Wall. Building. Leaderboard. Mountain. Bridge.
Name Something You Can Hang: Basket. Backpack. Christmas Ornament. Artwork. Picture. Mirror. Chandelier. Art.
Name Something You Can Listen To Music On: Iphone. Radio. Ipod. Ipad. Wirelessradio. Ipod. Headphones.
Name Something You Eat With: Hands. Fork. Chopsticks. Knife. Fork. Plate. Cocktailstick. Cutlery.
Name Something You Use To Tell The Time: Clock. Wristwatch. Sun. Wristwatch. Watch. Watch. Clock.

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