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Stump Me Level 91-120 Solutions

Stump Me level 91-120 solutions and walkthrough. Stump Me – Can you pass it? answers to all puzzles. Complete game brain guide to all questions. Furthermore we help you solve all the difficult questions and levels. As a result, think outside your brain to solve a level. Find hints, tips and cheats below.

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Stump Me Level 91-120 Solutions

Tips: The most obvious answer is wrong.

Stump Me Level 91 Find queen of hearts

Check more cards, drag screen to the left to find the queen card.

Stump Me Level 92 Help the car move forward

Remove the stone

Stump Me Level 93 Find stars

Shake your device.

Stump Me Level 94 Stop the fire

Combine two clouds > move above fire.

Stump Me Level 95 Confess to your girl

I love you > wipe the desk with a finger.

Stump Me Level 96 Make volcano to erupt

Place the sun inside the volcano.

Stump Me Level 97 What should we do

Break glass > press FIRE button on the right side.

Stump Me Level 98 Put the phone into the pocket

Stop the hand at the pocket.

Stump Me Level 99 Make balloons blast

Touch the hedgehog > you can then blast all balloons.

Stump Me Level 100 Find a lemon

Lemon at the tree > touch the tree a few times > lemon will fall down.

Stump Me Level 101 Find a bear from cats

The bear is the fat one.

Stump Me Level 102 Turn on the light please

Find the switch on the wall.

Stump Me Level 103 Find a bird

Remove leaves from tree.

Stump Me Level 104 Feed this dinosaur

Don’t feed the bomb.

Stump Me Level 105 Find the ring

Take a stone and break the piggy.

Stump Me Level 106 Make this girl look like higher

Touch her legs and pull them down.

Stump Me Level 107 I want to be lucky

Move circle > don’t touch the start button.

Stump Me Level 108 Find something to eat

Combine the two figures > make an ice cream

Stump Me Level 109 Find differences

Plant near left mushroom > drag yellow color of the lower butterfly to find a difference.

Stump Me Level 110 He needs to exercise

Tap his body and he will exercise (10-15 times).

Stump Me Level 111 Open the safe deposit box

Use umbrella to open safe.

Stump Me Level 112 Combine to make a smallest value

Answer is 0.3589.

Stump Me Level 113 Jump like a frog

Make the frog jump > hold your device and move it like you are jumping.

Stump Me Level 114 Make biggest value

Create infinite mark ’00’ with two zeros.

Stump Me Level 115 Leave me alone for a moment

Leave him alone > just watch the video.

Stump Me Level 116 Combine to make the biggest value

Answer is 999.

Stump Me Level 117 Make blue elf at the right side to green elf

Shake your device > turn left and right.

Stump Me Level 118 Click the box at the left side

Move box to left side and click.

Stump Me Level 119 Put them into correct

Place the duck at the apple box.

Stump Me Level 120 The boy doesn’t like rain

Drag with two fingers to separate the clouds.

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