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Brain Test Levels 295-304 Game Answers

Brain Test Levels 295-304 Game Answers. Below you’ll find solutions to all trivia riddles. A complete Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles walkthrough guide. Furthermore we help you solve all the difficult questions and quizzes. As a result, think outside the test to solve a level. Also hints, tips and cheats can be found below.

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Brain Test Levels 295-304 Game Answers

Tips: Unexpected game solutions to the great number of quizzes.

Levels 295-304

Level 295
Q: Which way leads to the exit
A: Drag torch to all exits. The biggest flame is the correct exit (right).
Brain Test Level 296
Q: Find out which one is the mother
A: Women on the right.
Brain Test Level 297
Q: Uh! Something is wrong here.
A: Give the bow to the archer, the magical wand to the wizard and pickaxe to the miner.
Brain Test Level 298
Q: Which one did this.
A: Drag the clock to the sleeping guy. The clock will ring and wake him up.
Brain Test Level 299
Q: I want something to eat
A: Watch the video walkthrough.
Brain Test Level 300
Q: Which one of them ate my ice cream.
A: Rotate the right girl to the right. You will see the chocolate on her lips.
Brain Test Level 301
Q: Save her Answer
A: Hold the trampoline. Tap the jump button.
Brain Test Level 302
Q: Which one of them spiled the milk
A: Drag the cereal to the top then tap the cat.
Brain Test Level 303
Q: Eww! This monkey stinks Answer
A: Place three stones in the water tank.
Brain Test Level 304
Q: Which one of them is a real superhero
A: Push the boy off of the cliff. The super hero will save him.

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