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Brain Test Levels 288-294 Game Answers

Brain Test Levels 288-294 Game Answers. Below you’ll find solutions to all trivia riddles. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles complete game walkthrough guide. Furthermore we help you solve all the difficult questions and quizzes. As a result, think outside the test to solve a level. Also hints, tips and cheats can be found below.

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Brain Test Levels 288-294 Game Answers

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Levels 288-294

Level 288
Q: Tom wants to eat all of the fish.
A: Drag Tom from the smallest fish to the biggest fish.
Level 289
Q: Time to eat and drink healthy.
A: Swipe the boy left and right. Avoid burgers and chocolate.
Level 290
Q: These people don’t like each other.
A: Block two of them using the stone and the trash can.
Level 291
Q: One of these bears is not real.
A: The bear that doesn’t like the honey is not real.
Level 292
Q: Clean him up please.
A: Use the towel to clean him. Rotate his head and clean both cheeks.
Level 293
Q: There is a ghost somewhere.
A: Pour the white powder on the floor to see the footsteps.
Level 294
Q: Something is wrong here.
A: Swipe up and down to make it look like the picture.

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