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Brain Test Answers Levels 213-287 (Updated)

Brain Test Answers Levels 213-287 (Updated). Below you’ll find solutions to all trivia riddles. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles complete game walkthrough guide. Furthermore we help you solve all the difficult questions and quizzes. As a result, think outside the test to solve a level. Also hints, tips and cheats can be found below.

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Brain Test Answers Levels 213-287 (Updated)

Tips: Unexpected game solutions to the great number of quizzes.

Level 213 We must fill all of the grids in the factory Answer

You should first fill all grids which have number 1, then slide to number 2 and then number 4.

Level 214 Try to follow the correct pattern Answer

Watch first and then tap on Orange, Blue, Red (two times), Green in this order.

Level 215 Horsy wishes for wings now Answer

Take the star from the magic stick and drag it over the sky.

Level 216 Separate the colors please Answer

Pour the blue color to the empty tube and then continue doing to will have three tubes in three different colors.

Level 217 Help! She can’t stop jumping Answer

On the left side of the screen there is a mattress, move it under the girl and then drag the trampoline out of the way.

Level 218 Candy must reach to the mouth Answer

Rotate your phone, then you will be able to control the candy and put it to the boy’s mouth.

Level 219 Tom wants to jump again, but we ran out of mushrooms Answer

Move the left hill near the right hill and then tap on the jump button.

Level 220 Help our friend to cross the street Answer

There are white lines on the left side of the screen, you should put it on the road so you can create a crosswalk and the cars will stop.

Level 221 I need an omelette, please Answer

Bring the balloon near the knife, chicken will scare and you can take an egg and put it to the pan.

Level 222 She lost her balloon Answer

Slide the screen down with your finger, you’ll see the balloon. Grab it and give it to the baby.

Level 223 How many dogs are there Answer

The answer is 10.

Level 224 We must get rid of these microbes Answer

Remove them with the wipe and then put the wipe in the fire.

Level 225 I can’t get into my house, help me Answer

Zoom in the house with your two fingers and then open the door with the key.

Level 226 Help me feed my lizard Answer

Take the plate, then open the window and the fly will be coming.

Level 227 I have OCD, help me Answer

Separate all of the balls by colors.

Level 228 Tom found yet another valley to jump Answer

Put one of the clouds in the middle of hills, then tap on the jump.

Level 229 Find all of the animals Answer

Pay attention to 2 snakes, there is a squirrel inside the tree on top left where the nut is.

Level 230 What is X Answer

Take the “5” from A) and add it to “-5” on D), then you will have “D) 0”.

Level 231 He wants 5 glasses of milk and 3 cookies Answer

Edit the question text and replace “5” with “3”.

Level 232 Help the man escape Answer

Block the zombie at the corner and then go to the car.

Level 233 Help our hero Answer

Turn your phone upside down.

Level 234 Find a solution before others see her face Answer

Clean her face with the napkin on his pocket.

Level 235 She is so tired, help please Answer

Open the kitchen cabinet to put the clean plates that are inside the dishwasher and then put inside the dirty ones.

Level 236 Help her hit the target Answer

Move the target to the right side of the screen and then you will easily shoot the target.

Level 237 Help the blue boxer once again Answer

Tap your finger on the right side of red boxer to distract him and then tap on the fight button.

Level 238 How can Tom jump this time Answer

Move Tom to the edge of the hill, Then press the jump button.

Level 239 We must stop this monster Answer

Use the green color basket to turn its health bar from red to green.

Level 240 Horsy wants a princess now Answer

There is a hidden hammer near the tree, drag it and hit the head of the wizard, then take the star and put it into the sky.

Level 241 Pick the apples Answer

Tap all of the apples on all three slides, but in the last slide there is one tomato. Don’t tap it.

Level 242 We need a fire Answer

Remove the hat of the boy and drag the cloud to reveal the sun.

Level 243 Draw a triangle please Answer

Move the middle dot up then connect them to make a triangle.

Level 244 There are some weird things going on around here, find them Answer

Check the image hint above.

Level 245 He needs some help Answer

Drag the word “help” from the question text and put it into the white empty place.

Level 246 How can this be correct Answer

Rotate your phone upside down so the equation will be correct 16 = 8 + 8.

Level 247 Which monkey has the longest tail Answer

Drag the monkeys to the top of the screen to see which one has the longest tail that you will find out the middle one has the longest tail.

Level 248 He wants the same burger Answer

Look at the boy’s burger, you have to make the same burger, so put things in order “cheese slice – potato slice – green slice – upper bun” then you will pass the level.

Level 249 The computer works too slow and it makes him sad Answer

Clean the fans from dust so they can cool the PC and the computer will work faster.

Level 250 Oh no! He is so late for work today Answer

Tap on the calendar to change the date on it from Thursday to Saturday so he won’t have to worry about work.

Level 251 Help the man reach his house Answer

Swipe up the red bar for the man to pass the first barrier and when he pass swipe down the red bar for passing the next barrier and the man will reach to his house.

Level 252 Where is the dog hiding Answer

Drag the light hole to find the closets and the dog is hiding between them.

Level 253 Get rid of this traffic Answer

Rotate your phone to the right side and you will see all the cars will start moving and the level is done.

Level 254 Complete your sword training Answer

Drag and move the sword 3 times to complete the training.

Level 255 The ghost must escape from the traps Answer

Remember where the ghost is and just use these tapping orders: down-right-right-right-down-down-left-left-down-down-right-right-right-right.

Level 256 Oh no! Her flower is dying Answer

Drag the forage and give it to the cow. The cow will poop and give the poop to the flower. Then get water with the empty bucket and pour it to the flower.

Level 257 Help me fix my car, please Answer

Take the word “fix” from the title and drag it on the car.

Level 258 Save the town Answer

Swipe up the first mountain next to the city to block all the meteors.

Level 259 Help him defend the little turtles Answer

First tap on the turtle’s face to send him in his shell then drag the shell to attack the snake.

Level 260 You must reform the face Answer

Drag the black line to reform the face and pass the level.

Level 261 You must win this, somehow Answer

Remove the O from top right corner and then tap on there to put your X and win the game.

Level 262 The red car must win Answer

Drag the 2 from the lap counter and makes it 2/2 by putting it on 1 position.

Level 263 The cat needs to get to the fish again Answer

Make the dog dizzy by shaking the bone in front of his eyes and then drag the cat near the fish.

Level 264 Help him overcome this boring Monday morning Answer

Tap on the red button of kettle and wait until it gets boiling, then put it in his cup. Open the cabinet and drag the coffee to his cup which will make him overcome this boring Monday morning.

Level 265 Help these lovers to come together Answer

Take the wood and place it on the empty space and then zoom it big enough to help these lovers to come together.

Level 266 She is crying as always Answer

Move the teddy bear and you will see a remote controller for TV, then tap on it twice to change the channel for making the kid happy.

Level 267 We must conquer the castle Answer

Get and drag the torch from soldiers and put it at the catapult to shoot the castle and destroy it.

Level 268 Sir Noobalot requires your help to defeat the dragon Answer

Move the soldier in front of the dragon and drag the water close to dragon’s mouth then sir Noobalot can defeat the dragon.

Level 269 What is on Jupiter Answer

Take the (?) from question and put in on the orange planet (Jupiter) to pass the level.

Level 270 Oh no! Prevent this accident Answer

Try to pull down the horn string and make a loud sound for waking up the boy.

Level 271 He is so angry, calm him down Answer

Rotate the phone screen down to calm him down and pass the level.

Level 272 We must open this vault Answer

Under the books there is a paper so remove the books to see the help of that paper and use “12358” to open the vault.

Level 273 Sir Noobalot must defeat a troll this time Answer

Drag the soldier in front of the troll and then drag him back so the troll will hit the bridge. Do it twice and the troll will destroy the bridge and Sir Noobalot will defeat the troll.

Level 274 Why is the car in front not moving Answer

Slide screen to right and you will see the driver sleeping in the car so tap him to wake him up.

Level 275 What is the answer Answer

Drag 13 from B and put it on A to make 20 so tap on A and answer the question.

Level 276 Time to school, wake him up please Answer

With the use of two of your fingers, pull his eyelids up to awaken him.

Level 277 Satisfy our customer please Answer

You have to contain the guy with all the foods. place every food on the table onto the tray to satisfy him. Then give it to him.

Level 278 What is the question mark Answer

All the equations in the triangles are the total of each corner. As an example, 8+3+1 equals 12. Therefore, 4+5+10 would be 19. The answer is 19.

Level 279 Arggh! get rid of these mosquitoes, please Answer

Mosquitoes can’t survive a cold temperature, Swipe the thermometer down to make the room cold. This way they all die.

Level 280 Pick the correct colors at the screens Answer

You gotta follow the wires to see what color each of them are. Now, you can toggle their colors by tapping on them. The middle one and the left one are yellow and the right square is blue.

Level 281 Help us, we can’t find our home! Answer

It is showing our solar system. swipe to the right of the screen. You will be able to see planet earth, then tap on it.

Level 282 I wonder which one of these fish is the biggest one Answer

There is a puffer fish in the sea, drag him to the hook and it blows up. The reason the puffer fish puffs up is due to it’s defense mechanism against any threat.

Brain Test Answers Levels 283 What is the number above 4 ? Answer

The game is tricking your mind. The number above 4 is of course number 7 in this picture. But the game is thinking of the word “above” as a single unit more than number 4. The answer is “5”.

Brain Test Answers Levels 284 Help this guy avoid a ticket Answer

The police officer has stopped his car due to missing a headlight. There is light bulb on the top right corner of the screen. Drag it to the car’s missing headlight to avoid him get a ticket.

Brain Test Answers Levels 285 Adjust the side view according to the top Answer

This level is all about dimensions in 3d. Think of the bottom shapes as the side view of the object. Fix them into place by swiping them to the left.

Brain Test Answers Levels 286 Make the 6th shape follow the pattern Answer

If you take a look at the patterns you will understand that in each shape, one circle is getting eliminated. So the last circle to get removed is the bottom left one.

Brain Test Answers Levels 287 Defeat this nasty virus, please Answer

Just remove the it’s tentacles one by one to defeat it.

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